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Book Snob?

By October 23, 2012

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Am I a SnobHave you ever bought a book so that it can sit on your shelf--unread? Not all readers buy books for the same reasons, and you may buy a book when your friend recommends it (and then find you can't get through the first chapter).

What factors influence your decision to buy a book? Do you ever buy a book simply because it was on a bestseller list, or because you think it will look good on your shelf? So, is there such a thing as a book snob? Can you ever be too particular about what you read?

Join our discussion: Do you see yourself as a literary snob or literary elitist?


October 24, 2007 at 7:49 am
(1) Sara Anne says:

I don’t buy books because they look impressive but I do buy books that I think that I should/want to read but have never gotten around to do so, e.g. War & Peace. ;-)

October 23, 2012 at 5:19 pm
(2) Ryan Rurp says:

War and Peace is a great read once you get past the 20 odd Russian names in the first few pages… Downhill from there

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