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Experience a Great Book

By February 10, 2013

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BooksI love the moments after I've read an amazing book, or a poignant passage in literature. It leaves me with a longing--I want more. I want to taste the lines. I want to read another book, another passage--something. The truly great works of literature offer up as much as we are able to accept. So I have to ask: How open am I to the book? Is it just not the right time/place/situation? Or, will I ever be ready?

It's really a question about how I react to literature. Some books inspire me in ways I might not have imagined. Perhaps, I'll write about it, or write something inspired by the work. With some passages, the after-glow of reading is sort of a haze. It was just so amazing. I just wish I could write like that--even to write one piece that could touch another human being in the way that my favorite books/authors do with so little effort.

Of course, just because you're reading one of the greatest books in literary history doesn't mean you'll always understand it. You may be in awe of a passage. You may love the lines. But, some parts of the book may also seem jumbled in your mind--not all cohesive yet. Whether it's because you love the book and want to remember the beauty of your favorite parts, or you want more time to contemplate, I know you'll love a Reading Log.

It's one of those things that we do in a literature class, and while it may have been annoying at first, I've looked back at notes from years ago, and I've been refreshed by the passionate intensity with which I enjoyed some of those favorite passages.

Henry David Thoreau writes: "How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book! The book exists for us, perchance, which will explain our miracles and reveal new ones. The at present unutterable things we may find somewhere uttered. These same questions that disturb and puzzle and confound us have in their turn occurred to all the wise men; not one has been omitted; and each has answered them, according to his ability, by his words and his life. Moreover, with wisdom we shall learn liberality."

React to what you read!


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