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British Literature
Find definitions, information about authors, eras, and genre, along with quotations, complete works, and more.

The Gothic novel arose in late eighteenth century England and remained popular into the nineteenth century throughout Europe and America.

Medieval Period
There is some disagreement about whether the Medieval Period began in the third, fourth, or fifth century A.D. These pages provide you with an abundance of articles, texts, and other resources.

A period in English literary history spanning the years 1500 to 1660. Acess texts, essays, biographies, and links.

Restoration Age
This age is generally said to be the first of three literary eras within the Neoclassical Period in English literature. Find info. about works, writers, and historical details.

Romantic Period
An era in the history of English literature, usually said to have commensed with the 1798 publication of the Lyrical Ballads. Read about the authors, texts, and more.

Victorian Period
An era in English literary history extending from 1837, the year Queen Victoria was crowned until 1901. These pages provide you with articles, notes, reviews, and commentary on nineteenth century literature.

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