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Emily Dickinson: A Brief Chronology


Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson


Emily Dickinson was born on December 10, 1830, in Amherst, Massachusetts; and she would spend most of the rest of her life there. She had no wish to travel or find adventure. Instead she kept to the "room of her own," writing her poems...

1830 Emily Elizabeth Dickinson was born on December 10.

1833 Her sister, Lavinia Norcross was born on February 28. From May to June, Emily stayed with her Aunt Lavinia Norcross in Monson.

1835 Dickinson began what would become four years at Primary Scool on September 7.

1840 Her father, Edward, sold his half of the homestead in April, and the family moved to North Pleasant Street. Emily and Lavinia began their first year at Amherst Academy on September 7.

1842 Her brother, William Austin attended Williston Seminary.

1844 Dickinson visited her Aunt Lavinia, in Boston, in May. On June 4, Emily visited her Uncle William Dickinson in Worcester. Dickinson also became friends with Abiah Root (a relationship which lasted through letters for many years).

1845 Abiah moved away from Amhert in February, and Dickinson began corresponding with her.

1846 Her grandfather, Joel Norcross, died on May 5. Dickinson traveled to Boston for her health on August 25. 1847 Dickinson entered Mount Holyoke on September 30.

1850 "Magnum bonum" valentine was published by the Amherst College "Indicator" in February. She also sent a valentine ("Awake ye muses") to Eldbridge Bowdoin on March 4. 1852 "Sic transit" valentine was published by the "Springfield Republican" on February 20.

1855 Her mother's long period of illness began in November.

1856 Her brother, Austin, married Susan Gilbert on July 1.

1860 Dickinson met Charles Wadsworth when he came to call on her in March. Also, her Aunt Lavinia Norcross died on April 17.

1861 "I taste a liquer never brewed" was published by the "Springfield Republican" under the title of "The May-Wine."

1862 "Safe in thier Alabaster Chambers" was published on March 1 by the "Springfield Republican."

1864 "Some keep the Sabbath going to church" was published by Round Table on March 12. Also, "A narrow fellow in the grass" was published by the "Springfield Republican" on March 30.

1874 Her father, Edward, died on Jun 16, in Boston.

1875 Her mother, Emily, was struck with paralysis on June 15.

1878 "Success is counted sweetest" was published by A Mask of Poets on September 10.

1882 Her mother died on November 14.

1886 Dickinson lost consciousness on May 13. The funeral took place on May 19.

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