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Get Caught Reading


Beach Reading

Beach Reading

Some of the most memorable events in my life have involved being caught reading a book.

Not that reading a book is ever a bad thing... But, reading can be a tantalizing draw, especially when you're supposed to be doing your chores. So, here's a discussion of ways you could be caught reading a book:

1) Diversion from Homework: You were supposed to be doing your homework (studying math, reading your history textbook, or learning your French conjugations). You decide instead to put a novel inside your textbook, and enjoy a few brief moments of adventure, intrigue, or romance. That is... until you get caught!

2) The Housework Sneak Away: There are several ways you could be caught reading a book, while you're supposed to be doing housework. You could leave the vacuum on while you sit off to the side, and engross yourself in a book. Of course, it does start to sound suspicious when the vacuum has been going for a while, and you're still at it.

3) Gardening Get-away: This is especially fun in the Spring and Summer (when you're usually called upon to do gardening work). You find a quiet spot behind the shed, and enjoy the sun, while you enjoy your book.

4) Midnight Haunt: You need a flashlight for this. But, when you're a kid (or even as an adult), it's sometimes great fun to sit up all night with a flashlight and a great book. Of course, you usually get caught when you're not able to get up the next morning. Your mother (or significant other) starts wondering why you're so worn out. This also only works if you have a REALLY good book. If you start reading a boring book late at night, it's just too easy to fall asleep!

There are lots of ways to get caught reading! And, I don't mean to suggest that you should sneak away, and not be responsible. But, reading can be a great diversion from the stress of every day life. Sometimes, it's a great treat for a book lover--young or old--to dive into a good book. Enjoy!

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