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Literature in Time - Literary Periods

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450-1066 Old English. (Anglo-Saxon) Period
1066-1500 Middle English Period
1500-1660 The Renaissance
  1558-1603 Elizabethan Age
  1603-1625 Jacobean Age
  1625-1649 Caroline Age
  1649-1669 Commonwealth Period
1660-1785 The Neoclassical Period
  1660-1700 The Restoration
  1700-1745 The Augustan Age. (Age of Pope)
  1745-1785 The Age of Sensibility. (Age of Johnson)
1785-1830 The Romantic Period
1832-1901 The Victorian Period
  1848-1860 The Pre-Raphaelites
  1880-1901 Aestheticism and Decadence
1901-1914 The Edwardian Period
1910-1936 The Georgian Period
1914- The Modern Period

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