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Guide Picks - Top 10 American Novels: 1900-1909
Browse through books from the first decade of the 20th century. Works include: "Sister Carrie," "The Jungle," "House of Mirth," and many more. Here are ten...
1) Sister Carrie
by Theodore Dreiser, Donald Pizer (Editor). W.W. Norton. This critical edition features fully annotated text, with a textual appendix, information about backgrounds and sources, criticism, a chronology, and a selected bibliography.
2) The Jungle
by Upton Sinclair, James R. Barrett (Introduction). University of Illinois Press. Read about the life of Jurgis Rudkus, a young Lithuanian immigrant who experiences the full effects of the meat-packing industry in Chicago. (First published in 1902 & 1906.)
3) House of Mirth
by Edith Wharton, Elizabeth Ammons (Editor). Read the tragic story of Lily Bart: her life, hopes, and other adventures (or misadventures). This edition includes Edith Wharton's letters, articles from the period, criticism, a chronology, and a selected bibliography. (First published in 1905.)
4) The Golden Bowl
by Henry James, Virginia Llewellyn Smith (Editor). Read the story of Adam Verver and his daughter Maggie. This edition includes an introduction and notes by Virginia Smith. (First published in 1904.)
5) The Call of the Wild
by Jack London, Earle Labor (Editor), Robert C. Leitz (Editor). Oxford World Classics. This collection offers London's "The Call of the Wild," but it also includes "White Fang," with "Moon-Face," "Brown Wolf," "That Spot," and "To Build a Fire." This book provides a good overall view of some of London's most well-known works. (First published in 1903.)
6) The Portrait of a Lady
by Henry James, Robert D. Bamberg (Editor). This critical edition features excerpts from some of James's autobiographical writings, along with "Contemporary Reviews and Criticism," and more. (First published in 1908.)

7) The Battle-Ground
by Ellen Glasgow, Susan Goodman (Introduction). University of Alabama Press. This Civil War novel was Glasgow's 4th novel and first bestseller. The publisher writes that "Glasgow's reimagining of the Civil War had a profound impact on the next generation of Southern writers, including Allen Tate, Stark Young, and Margaret Mitchell." (First published in 1902.)
8) The House Behind the Cedars
by Charles Waddell Chesnutt. University of Georgia Press. The publisher writes, "Written from the perspective of an African American who was himself very light-skinned, 'The House Behind the Cedars' still stands as one of the most authoritative and important explorations of miscegenation in all of American literature." (First published in 1902.)

9) The Sea-Wolf
by Jack London, John Sutherland (Editor). Oxford University Press. One of London's most well-known works, "The Sea-Wolf" is the story of Humphrey Van Weyden and his experiences at sea. For this book, London drew from his own adventures on a sealing vessel. (First published in 1904.)
10) The Octopus
by Frank Norris, Kevin Starr (Introduction).
Kevin Starr writes, "'The Octopus' has been described, justifiably, as the most ambitious novel up to its time since Moby Dick..."
(First published in 1901.)
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