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German Dictionaries and Phrasebooks
An A-to-Z topic index for our many specialized and annotated English-German dictionaries and glossaries - from Abbreviations to Wirtschaftsdeutsch.
French Dictionaries and Word Lists - About.com
Online French dictionaries and word lists are free and come in all shapes, sizes, and specializations. Check this page for links to all kinds of online French ...
French Dictionaries - About.com
Some tips for anyone planning to buy a French dictionary.
Online Spanish-English and Spanish-Only Dictionaries
When you need to translate a word, there's often no quicker resources than an online dictionary. Here's a collection of online dictionaries including ...
Italian Dictionaries - Italian Glossaries - Dizionario Italiano
Annotated index of Italian-language dictionaries including bilingual, Italian-only, cooking, slang, and specialized.
Dictionary - Definition and Examples - Grammar and Composition
"The writing of a dictionary . . . is not a task of setting up authoritative statements about the 'true meanings' of words, but a task of recording, to the best of one's ...
Top Picks: German Dictionaries - German Language - About.com
Guide picks for the best German dictionaries.: oxford duden german dictionary german english dictionary english german dictionary german dictionaries german ...
Before You Buy a German Dictionary - German Language - About.com
German dictionaries come in many shapes, sizes, price ranges and language variations. They range in format from online and CD-ROM software to large ...
How to Use a German Dictionary - German Language - About.com
A step-by-step guide to using a German-English dictionary.
Which 'Webster's Dictionary' Is the Real Thing?
For over a century, "Webster's dictionary" has been legally meaningless as a brand name. Following a flurry of lawsuits filed by G. & C. Merriam (now ...
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