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British Literature - Classic Literature - About.com
This age is generally said to be the first of three literary eras within the Neoclassical Period in English literature. Find info. about works, writers, and historical ...
Renaissance - A History of English Literature - Classic Literature
Read "A History of English Literature.": history of english literature european renaissance fifteenth centuries teutonic tribes sixteenth centuries.
England UK Great Britain - English Literature - Classic Literature
To find out more information about books from Great Britain, take a look at these resources. Read more about British (or English) literature like "The Canterbury ...
British Literature Anthologies - Classic Literature - About.com
British Literature covers so much ground that it's often difficult for the teacher or student to know where to start. These anthologies present comprehensive views  ...
Charles Dickens Biography - Classic LIterature
Learn about the life of Charles Dickens, the most popular of all English novelists, and ... Charles Dickens is one of the most famous writers in English literature.
Classic Literature - Overview
This site focuses on books and literature from around the world. ... British Literary Periods ... A Century of Classic Literature for Young Readers (1860-1960).
British Literary Periods - Classic Literature - About.com
There are many ways that literary historians choose to categorize English literature, but for convenience and for discussion, they tend to divide it into “ periods.
Appendix - A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature
—Writer on English literature and theology, etc. Theology of the English Poets ( 1874), Primer of English Literature (1876), Riquet of the Tuft (1880), (drama), ...
Rudyard Kipling - Classic Literature - About.com
Rudyard Kipling is one of the most famous writers of the Victorian period in English literature. Read what Robert Huntington Fletcher has to say about his life and ...
Caedmon - A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature
English Literature from Beginning to Norman Conquest, Stopford Brooke (1898), and History of Early English Literature, by the same (1892). CAIRD, EDWARD ...
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