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To A.D. 1066 - 1 - A History of English Literature - About.com
Chapter I. Period I. The Britons And The Anglo-Saxons. To A.D. 1066. FOREWORD. The two earliest of the nine main divisions of English Literature are by far the ...
English Literature -- British Literature - Classic Literature - About.com
Here, you'll find additional resources related to English literature.
Charles Dickens Biography - Classic LIterature
Learn about the life of Charles Dickens, the most popular of all English novelists, and author of classics such as 'David Copperfield'
British Literary Periods - Classic Literature - About.com
There are many ways that literary historians choose to categorize English literature, but for convenience and for discussion, they tend to divide it into “ periods.
AP English Literature - Learn What Score You Need for Course ...
AP English Literature - Learn what AP exam score you'll need to earn college credit and help your college admissions chances.
Caedmon - A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature
English Literature from Beginning to Norman Conquest, Stopford Brooke (1898), and History of Early English Literature, by the same (1892). CAIRD, EDWARD ...
About Classic Literature: Reviews, Lists, and More
Build your classic literature reading list with reviews, analysis, and study ... Our Classic Literature Expert .... English Words We Actually Stole From Spanish.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - A Short ... - Classic Literature
Read about Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, from A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature.
Appendix - A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature
—Writer on English literature and theology, etc. Theology of the English Poets ( 1874), Primer of English Literature (1876), Riquet of the Tuft (1880), (drama), ...
Shakespeare Collections -- The Works of William ... - Classic Literature
Classic Literature Categories ... Biography of Shakespeare, Greatest Writer of the English Language · Literature Tests and Quizzes. Classic Literature Essentials.
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