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Gothic - Find Gothic Literature
The period for Gothic Literature is generally dated from 1764 to 1840, and includes writers like Eliza Parsons, Ann Letitia Akikin Barbauld, Horace Walpole,  ...
What is Gothic Literature? - Classic Literature - About.com
An overview of Gothic Literature, with examples of Classic pieces and stylistic elements.
Gothic Literature
Gothic Literature, covering the period from approximately 1764 to 1840, features the works of Lord Byron, Mary Shelley, Ann Radcliffe, Edgar Allan Poe, M. R. ...
Gothic Architecture - Chartres Cathedral and Gothic Architecture
During the middle ages, builders developed new approaches to building that made the great Gothic cathedrals possible. Learn about Gothic architecture.
Gothic Architecture- Medieval Churches and Synagogues
What was the Gothic look hundreds of years ago? Explore Gothic style architecture and the ideas that transformed cathedrals in medieval Europe.
Neo-Gothic Architecture - The Neo-Gothic Tribune Tower in Chicago
In the early 20th century, skyscraper architects found inspiration from medieval Gothic cathedrals. Learn about Neo-Gothic architecture.
Pictures and History of Gothic Revival Architecture
Join us for a photo tour of Gothic Revival architecture in England and the United States.
Gothic Literature: Definition - Classic Literature in Translation
Main Ideas: In the most general terms, Gothic literature can be defined as writing that employs dark and picturesque scenery, startling and melodramatic ...
Wood-Framed Gothic Revival House - Architecture - About.com
Photo of a wood-framed Gothic Revival home with links to information about Victorian Gothic Revival and Carpenter Gothic architecture.
Carpenter Gothic - Architecture - About.com
Carpenter Gothic houses have faniciful details. See pictures.
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