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Guides - Using Guides in Page Layout Software - Desktop Publishing
Definition: Non-printing lines, often dotted, that aid in flow and alignment of text and positioning of graphics during page layout are known as guides.
Set and Use Margin Column Ruler Guides in Desktop Publishing ...
Learn how to use the guide Option of your desktop publishing application. Set margin guides, column guides, and ruler guides to allow you to align text and ...
Column Guides as Used in Desktop Publishing Software
Column guides control the flow of text within columns, keeping it out of the gutters .
Margin Guides - Non-Printing Lines Marking the Margins of a Page
A dotted or rectangular non-printing rectangle or set of lines representing the page margins of a document, margin guides are usually specified during initial ...
Ruler Guides - How are Ruler Guides used in Desktop Publishing?
Non-printing horizontal and vertical ruler guides are used to align objects on the page in page layout software. Typically ruler guides are placed on the page by ...
Get the Most Out of Using Gridlines and Alignment Guides in ...
Documents of all kinds depend on visual impact. Here's how to get the most out of tools such as Gridlines and Alignment Guides to create a clean design.
Types of Guides in Adobe InDesign - Desktop Publishing - About.com
InDesign uses multiple types of guides and grids in document design.
Use Guides in Adobe InDesign - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Use these options, tips, and shortcuts to use and manipulate margin, ruler, and column guides in InDesign software.
Adobe InDesign CS Margins Columns, Grids Guides
One of the first steps in setting up a new document in Adobe InDesign CS is setting up the margins, columns, and other guides that will hold, align, and organize ...
Use Guides in Microsoft Publisher - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Use these options, tips, and shortcuts to use and manipulate layout and ruler guides in Publisher software.
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