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The Difference Between Fiction and Literature - Classic Literature
A work of fiction is a work of literature, but the term "literature" encompasses far more than just fiction. Literature also refers to non-fiction (memoirs, biography, ...
Nonfiction - Essays - Classic Literature - About.com
Nonfiction is prose writing that is not fictional. Many great writers have created nonfiction works: collections of essays, travel writings, writings about nature, ...
Literary Nonfiction - Definition and Examples
The genre of literary nonfiction (also known as creative nonfiction) is broad enough to include travel writing, nature writing, science writing, sports writing, ...
Creative Nonfiction - Definition and Examples
The genre of creative nonfiction (also known as literary nonfiction) is broad enough to include travel writing, nature writing, science writing, sports writing, ...
100 Major Works of Modern Creative Nonfiction
A list of 100 major works of British and American creative nonfiction published over the past 80 years.
Nonfiction - Definition and Examples of Real Stories
"Many writers and editors add 'creative' to 'nonfiction' to mollify this sense of being strange and other, and to remind readers that creative nonfiction writers are ...
Examples of Setting in Creative Nonfiction - Grammar & Composition
A setting in creative nonfiction is the place and time where the action of their literary and factual narrative takes place.
Definition and Examples of Memoirs - Grammar & Composition
A memoir is a form of creative nonfiction in which an author recounts experiences from his or her life.
Writing Creative Nonfiction - Homework/Study Tips - About.com
Creative nonfiction is a type of writing style that combines elements of literary and fact-based writing. Familiar types of creative or literary nonfiction are the ...
Creative Nonfiction - Book Reviews of Creative Nonfiction
True stories and narrative craft in the short form comprise these collections of creative essays, the like of which range from McSweeney's to New Yorkeresque ...
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