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A Century of Classic Literature for Young Readers (1860-1960)
Not all classic literature is fiction, and Anne Frank's diary proves to be a perfect example of how literary nonfiction can achieve classic status. The diary was ...
Nonfiction Quotes - Classic Literature - About.com
Here are a few quotes from famous nonfiction works. Here are a few pages of quotes. ... American Literary Periods ... 5 Articles in: Nonfiction Quotes ...
Literary Publishers - Classic Literature - About.com
These pages feature large and small companies that publish artistic/literary style books (including literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, etc.).
Literary Nonfiction - Definition and Examples
The genre of literary nonfiction (also known as creative nonfiction) is broad enough to include travel writing, nature writing, science writing, sports writing, ...
Creative Nonfiction - Definition and Examples
A branch of writing that employs the literary techniques usually associated with fiction or poetry to report on actual persons, places, or events.
100 Major Works of Modern Creative Nonfiction
A list of 100 major works of British and American creative nonfiction published over the past 80 years.
Literary Journalism - Definition and Examples
A form of nonfiction that combines the factual reporting of information with certain narrative techniques and stylistic strategies traditionally associated with fiction.
Definition and Examples of Memoirs - Grammar & Composition
A memoir is a form of creative nonfiction in which an author recounts experiences ... It was easy to do back then, when the literary memoir was not basking in the ...
Nonfiction - Definition and Examples of Real Stories
Types of nonfiction include articles, autobiographies, biographies, essays, memoirs, nature ... Expository Writing · Literary Journalism · Literary Nonfiction · Prose ...
Travel Writing - Definition and Examples - Grammar & Composition
Travel writing is a form of creative nonfiction in which the narrator's ... "As a literary form, travel writing is a notoriously raffish open house where different genres ...
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