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Glossary of Literary Terms - Classic Literature - About.com
Literary terms may be part of a larger exam, a quiz, or a literary terms test. Literary terms are essential to a complete understanding of literature: what happens ...
Dictionaries and Glossaries of Literary Terms - Classic Literature
In our studies of literature, literary terms allow us to explain everything that is or makes up a part of literature, including technical aspects of form, style, and ...
Literary Glossary - Adventure Literature
Definition: Tales of adventure date back to the earliest forms of literature, with the Odyssey and other stories. Examples: Odyssey, Robinson Crusoe, Huckleberry ...
Literary Terms - Definitions of Literary Terms in this Literary Glossary
Do you know your epigrams from your epithets? Paradox from parody? Can you give an example of irony? This is your literary lexicon.
Protagonist (in Literature) - Definition - Fiction Writing - About.com
In complex works of literature, it may not be as obvious. ... Craft & Technique -- The Building Blocks of Creative Writing · Glossary of Literary Terms; protagonist ...
Voice - Definitions for Creative Writers - Fiction Writing - About.com
... Books on How to Write. Our Expert Recommends. Glossary of Literary Terms · Write Better Dialogue · Use Modifiers More Effectively. Fiction Writing Essentials.
Allusion Definition for Creative Writers - Fiction Writing - About.com
For instance, Shakespeare's influence on literature in English is so strong that we often make allusions to ... Glossary of Literary Terms · Examples of Metaphor.
Figurative Language Definition and Examples in Writing
Advice on Giving Good Literary Readings ... Technique -- The Building Blocks of Creative Writing · Glossary of Literary Terms; figurative language (definition) ...
Conflict - Glossary Definition of Conflict - Fiction Writing - About.com
Character Arc - Analyze the Protagonist · Literature Midterms and Finals · Brute ... The Building Blocks of Creative Writing · Glossary of Literary Terms; conflict ...
Literary Glossary - Absurd, Theatre of the
Definition: Phrase coined by Martin Esslin. Used to describe the work of Albert Camus, and other absurdist writers. Works depict the absurdity of human ...
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