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Myths Featuring Artemis or Diana
Myths Featuring Artemis or Diana. The Greek goddess Artemis (Diana to the Romans) was a virgin goddess of the hunt, sometimes associated with the moon.
Greek Myths and Legends - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Stories, myths and legends about the Ancient Greek gods and goddesses. Also read all about the fantastic adventures of Greek mythology's daring heroes.
Ancient Greek Heroes, Myths and Legends - Ancient/Classical History
Here you'll find information on the ancient myths and legends, particularly those of the Greeks and Romans. The myths are stories generally not believed to be ...
Myths, Legends, and Folk Tales Differences - Ancient/Classical History
In common parlance the stories of the Greek and Roman deities and heroes are indiscriminately referred to as myths and legends. If we wish to be more careful, ...
Athena Myths - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Myths about the Greek goddess Athena from Thomas Bulfinch's mythology.
Creation Myths or Greek Cosmogonies - Ancient/Classical History
Creation Myths and Other Types of Myths. The term "creation myth" can be confusing because the term doesn't specify what is being created. Creation myth  ...
Myths of Women's History - Just Ain't So Stories
It's hard enough to know, as a women's history student or teacher or researcher, that so much of the historical record ignored women, and so "her story" is hard to  ...
Top 10 Oldies Myths and Urban Legends - Oldies Music - About.com
The Top Ten myths and urban legends about rock and pop in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, how they started, and why they're totally (or at least mostly) false. From your  ...
Myths That Keep People From Vaccinating Their Kids - Pediatrics
Because the idea that vaccines are dangerous is easy to disprove, the anti- vaccine movement surrounds that idea with many myths and much misinformation to ...
Top 9 Rock Music Myths - Classic Rock - About.com
Have you fallen for these myths and legends about rock music artists?
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