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Pirate Literature
Pirates have captured our imaginations with their adventures at sea, with bloody battles and buried treasures. Read about pirate literature.
Ten Facts About Pirates - Latin American History - About.com
Pirates are more popular than ever, appearing in movies, books, songs and more . With the glut of information about pirates, you might think that pirate myths ...
The Ten Best Pirate Attacks in History - Latin American History
A pirate's life was a hard one, what with poor food, violence and the prospect of hanging if caught. Sometimes, however, it paid to be a pirate.
5 Most Successful Pirates of the "Golden Age of Piracy"
From 1695 to 1725, many men tried their hand at piracy and most died nameless on a desert island or in a noose. Some, however, became well-known and ...
Ten Facts About Blackbeard the Pirate - Latin American History
When it comes to Blackbeard, the most famous pirate ever to sail the seven seas, it's hard to separate myth from fact. There are a lot of tall tales out there about ...
The Golden Age of Piracy - Latin American History - About.com
For piracy to thrive, conditions need to be just right. In the British Caribbean from 1700 to 1725 or so, conditions were perfect and as a result, pirates ruled the ...
Weapons Used by Pirates - Latin American History - About.com
Back in the days of Blackbeard and William Kidd, pirates had a variety of weapons that they used to carry out their high-seas thievery, including cannons, pistols, ...
Famous Pirates and their Flags - Latin American History - About.com
During the Golden Age of Piracy (roughly from 1700-1725), dozens of pirates roamed the seas of the world, preying on merchant shipping and coastal towns.
Stede Bonnet, the Gentleman Pirate Biography
Major Stede Bonnet (1688-1718) was the most unlikely of pirates. He had a family and a prosperous plantation on Barbados, and didn't know one end of a sloop ...
Pirates of the Caribbean History - The Disney Parks Ride
Get a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the history of Pirates of the Caribbean and the making of the legendary Disney theme park ride.
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