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Wondering Why: Are Plot Holes Really Necessary? - General Hospital
They're not idiots. Funnier still - most of them can come up with fresher plot devices. No one really minds "dramatic license" but sloppiness is something else.
Harry Potter - Should Christians Be Reading Harry Potter
Plot Synopsis: Harry Potter begins the series as an 11 year old orphan who ... They believe other Christian authors have used magic as plot devices, and the ...
Death of a Salesman Study Guide - Arthur Miller's ... - Plays/Drama
Explore the characters, themes, and plot devices within Arthur Miller's classic drama, "Death of a Salesman."
Questions to Ask as You Write Your Musical
Story: Does the audience know, in a general sense, what your show's plot ... Real people: Do your characters feel like 3D people, or are they just plot devices?
That's My Bush! - Political Humor - About.com
Each show mixes a political theme, such as abortion and capital punishment, with standard sitcom plot devices: mistaken identities, getting caught in a lie, ...
Explaining Why the Forbidden Tree & Forbidden Fruit Weren't ...
... the readers/listeners what happens to people who don't obey their leaders. If God had put a guard on the tree, there would be no story. It's called a plot device.
Is it Possible to Travel Faster than the Speed of Light? - Space and ...
Apr 22, 2011 ... It's obviously a plot device to move things along and make movies more interesting. But is there any science behind the science fiction?
Is "Warp Drive" From Star Trek Possible? - Space and Astronomy
One of the key plot devices in nearly every Star Trek episode and film is the ability of starships to travel at light speed and beyond. This ability comes thanks to a ...
Vertigo - Hitchcock's Tale of Obsession - Classic Movies - About.com
While there are other characters in the film, they're little more than props or plot devices. The movie takes place in the little world created between Scottie and ...
Warehouse 13 Season 4 Premiere - Review - Review of Eddie ...
The regulars' defining character traits are used not as means to develop character interaction but as cartoon plot devices ("I'm getting major vibage here," Pete ...
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