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Pricing Strategy: How Much Should You Charge? - Entrepreneurs
... or service. While there is no one single right way to determine your pricing strategy, fortunately there are some guidelines that will help you with your decision.
Drug Formulary Tiers Pricing - Health Insurance Plans
Jun 17, 2014 ... What Is a Health Insurer's Drug Formulary and Tier Pricing? Use the System to Help Save You Money on the Cost of Prescription Drugs.
Explore Pricing Methods - Marketing - About.com
One big mistake I see small business owners make is using only one method to calculate their prices. But, what if your calculations are wrong? Then, you are ...
Pricing and Small Retailers: Questions to Consider (Parts 2-6)
These are store positioning questions to get you to reflect on your competitive niche; all other pricing decisions are tied to this philosophy. With a high-end ...
Good Pricing Practices - Retailing - About.com
Retailers understand that the selling the right product for the right price, at the right time is what makes a business profitable. While retail pricing strategies may  ...
Retail Pricing Strategies - Retailing - About.com
... the right price is a major step toward making that profit. Here's how to determine which of the retail pricing strategies to use in order to set the right product price.
Pricing your Product Using Markup - Business Finance - About.com
Pricing your product or service using markup is one popular pricing strategy. Pricing your product correctly can mean the success or failure of your business.
Odd-Even Pricing - Retailing - About.com
A form of psychological pricing that suggests buyers are more sensitive to certain ending digits.
Pricing Tips - Pricing Your Products and Services Without Fear or Guilt
What do you currently charge for your products or services? Do you think your prices are fair, or do you feel somewhere deep inside that you are short-changing  ...
Pricing Strategies for Small Business - Small Business Information
Commonly, in business plans I've reviewed, the pricing strategy has been to be the lowest price provider in the market. This approach comes from taking a quick  ...
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