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Top 20 Scary Stories - Read at Your Own Risk! - Urban Legends
Gather 'round the digital campfire to enjoy the Top 20 Scariest Stories we know. You'll be sore afraid!
Top 6 Road Trip Horror Stories - You'll Never Leave Home Again!
Warning: If you read these terrifying stories about traveling you may never leave home again!
Campfire Tales - 13 CREEPY Stories to Tell After Dark
IT'S THE WITCHING HOUR on a dark, moonless night. You're huddled with friends around a campfire in the woods far from town, taking turns telling stories.
Urban Legends: Horror Stories!
Scary Urban Legends. Very scary stories, the absolute scariest urban legends, plus myths and hoaxes guaranteed to make you sore afraid.
Urban Legends: Ghost Stories
Ghost stories and folklore about death and dying. Creepy urban legends from both sides of the grave.
True Paranormal and Ghost Stories of 2014 - Paranormal Phenomena
Your True Paranormal and Ghost Stories for 2014. ... Stories of ghosts, the paranormal and unexplained that readers swear are true. By Stephen Wagner.
Your True Paranormal and Ghost Stories - Paranormal Phenomena
An index of the annual collections of true paranormal and ghost stories from readers.
True Ghost and Paranormal Stories From 2012 (List)
A collection of true stories of ghosts and the paranormal for 2012.
Ouija board stories - Tales of the Ouija board - 9
WHY DOES THE Ouija board have such a sinister reputation? It may be because the stories of the negative experiences with them are the ones that get the most ...
Chinese Fable Stories
Chinese fable stories, proverbs and idioms. ... With Highest Teenage Pregnancy and Birth Rates. Chinese Fable Stories. Idioms · Proverbs · Classics · Confucius.
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