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08th Century AD - Literary History

The 8th century lasts from 701-800. Anglo-Saxon poet, Cynewulf, wrote "Elena," "Juliana," "Christ," and "Fates of the Apostles." Chinese poet, Li Po (701-762), wrote "Drinking Alone under the Moon" and other poems. Another Chinese poet, Du Fu (712-770), was writing "The Song of the Wagons." Read more about the 8th century in literature.
  1. 08th Century AD - Writers

A History of English Literature - To A.D. 1066
Read more about the period, from "A History of English Literature," by Robert Huntington Fletcher.

Poet Li Bai
Li Bai (701-762) was also called Tai Bai or Qing Lian Ju Shi (the Blue Lotus Recluse) as his poetic name. He is one of the most renowned and admired poets in China.

Three Chinese Poets
In this slim volume, Vikram Seth offers translations for three eighth-century Chinese poets: Wang Wei, Li Bai (or Li Po), and Du Fu (or Tu Fu). Seth's aim in creating these translations is to be consistent to the form and language of the Chinese poets, not focusing as much on the poetic flow of the lines.

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