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Book Journals


Journals are a great way to track what you read, and record what your impressions. Some of these journals also offer prompts and questions related to your reading experience. Enjoy your reading experience even more by writing about it! You'll also have great ideas and specific examples for essays, reports, studying, or just for your own personal enjoyment. Remember what you read!

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1. A Book Lover's Journal

Perseus Books. From the publisher: "An exquisite journal with over 100 entries for books. Interspersed with illustrations, photos, woodcuts, and fascinating facts on the history of books and publishing personalities."

2. A Book Lover's Diary

by Shelagh Wallace (Editor). Firefly Books. From the publisher: "'A Book Lover's Diary' is a journal for noting personal discoveries from the books read and recording the books on a wish list. 'A Book Lover's Diary' is a welcome companion during forays to libraries and bookstores when the titles of books wanted can vanish from memory."

3. Private and Personal Reading Journal

Greenwood Publishing. From the publisher: "The Private and Personal Reading Journal is full of distinctive and delightful graphics that highlight features such as: questions that explore readers' favorite stones and characters; recommended books for future reading; and favorite books of well-known people from many walks of life.

4. Reading Journal

by Gary Ryan Blair. Goalsguy Learning Systems. From the publisher: "'The Reading Journal' is more than just a place to record your thoughts. Thought-provoking questions and structured activities help you to better understand and to remember 12 reading experiences. Set a goal of reading and recording one book per month. It's ideal for individuals and reading clubs. It provides a basis for conversation and teaching."

5. Song of Myself

Avalanche Publishing. From the publisher: "This beautiful journal is filled with prompts to promote creative self-expression. Guided activities such as making lists, creating collages, pasting in photos, and more make this journal a unique journey of self-discovery."

6. Hobbit's Journal

Running Press Book Publishers. From the publisher: "A real find for Tolkien aficionados, this 'rediscovered' journal of Hobbit Sam Gamgee is enhanced by his whimsical, two-color sketches of many familiar denizens of Middle-earth. It provides ample space for recording personal thoughts, reflections on Tolkien's masterpiece, or fantasies of your own creation."

7. Books to Check Out Journal

Chronicle Books LLC. From the publisher: "Inspired by the hand-stamped due date cards from public libraries, this clever journal has sections for keeping track of books to read, favorite passages, and books lent and borrowed. Includes a handy pocket for review clippings."

8. What I Thought Mini Journal

by Linda Sunshine. Random House. From the publisher: "Sturdy, stylish and sprinkled with charming quotes from the classic L. Frank Baum books, this pocket-sized pen pal will help keep your thoughts organized. It features a sturdy paperback construction, guided prompts for reflection and dreaming, and an elastic closure to keep everything together."

9. Book Club Journal

by Martha Rosen. Peter Pauper. From the publisher: "You're never alone when you have a book, especially when you're a member of a book club! All you need to know about starting your own club, or joining one that already exists. Replete with lists of prize-winning fiction and non-fiction, quotations, and journal pages to record notes."

10. The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal

by Julia Cameron. Putnam. From the publisher: "'The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal' includes an introduction by Julia Cameron with complete instructions on how to use the morning pages and benefit fully from their daily use. Its inspiring quotations will guide you through the process, and a final chapter shows how to start an Artist's Way study group."
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