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Africa - Find African Literature

To find out more information about books from Africa, take a look at these resources. Read more about African literature like Cry the Beloved Country, and other works.
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Africa's 100 Best Books
Alistair Boddy-Evans writes, "In response to the predominantly Anglo-Saxon nature of the Modern Library Board's list (only three authors were non-native English speakers), the African Top 100 has examples from several languages. However the majority are in English and many of the others are available in translation."

Cry the Beloved Country - Alan Paton
Alan Paton began writing "Cry the Beloved Country" in a hotel room in Norway while he was undertaking a world-wide survey of correctional facilities. Once he'd started writing in a flood of emotion, it only took him three months to finish the book. The book was met with immediate success, and it has been popular in and out of the classroom ever since.

In the World of African Literatures
Find out about women authors, works and read interviews on this site. There is also a bibliography of women writers.

Portuguese Voyages - C.D. Ley
Alistair Boddy-Evans writes: "A great collection of accounts, edited by C.D. Ley, which are otherwise hard to obtain. The shipwreck accounts, especially, are detailed and graphic, and give a fascinating view of early European exploration around Africa."

Travels in West Africa - Mary Kingsley
Alistair Boddy-Evans writes, "Mary Kingsley, one of the few true women explorers, wrote this best-seller in 1897. It is a fascinating journal by a borderline eccentric."

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