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Anglo Saxon

This period in literature (from c.650 to c.1100) is often referred to as Old English. Works of literature that fall into this period include: "Widsith," "Beowulf," and "Cædmon."

Anglo-Saxon Culture
Categories include art and archaeology, living history, publications, and Old English teaching resources.

An extensive bibliography of Anglo-Saxon scholarship from the 16th through the 20th century.

Beowulf's Monster - the oldest of the great long poems writt
The story of Beowulf and his monsters is a long and complicated record of terror, blood, glory, and death. The setting draws us to a place and time that's foreign to our understanding.

Literature in Time - Literary Periods
Find a brief overview of periods in literature.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
An annotated electronic edition of the Parker Chronicle manuscript.

The Complete Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Poetry
Find the Exeter book, "Beowulf," the Paris Psalter, and more.

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