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Characters - Who Was It? - Names in Literature

Who is the main character? What are his/her character traits? Who are the supporting characters? Why are these characters important? How do they interact? Read more about characters in literature.
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Greatest Tragic Couples/Lovers
There are stories and poems and legends... The two fall in love. They struggle against the hard parts of life. And, then, what happens? Do they die? Are the two torn apart? Why does the love affair end? And, how can we each hope to have even a small piece of that happiness? Does it feel like heaven?

Keep Track of Characters
Whether you're reading a novel for a literature class, or enjoying a book on the beach, characters are the vehicles that often help to drive the plot. They make you care about what happens, and you may grow emotionally attached to them (wishing for their happiness and success). But, not all characters are very exciting. And, in some novels, the...

Scariest Characters in Literature
Which characters in literary history gave you nightmares? When you read about them, did you get chills up your spine? Whether the scariness is real or based on mistaken perception, her are a few scary characters in literature!..

What do you do if you're in love with a fictional character?
What do you do if you're in love with a fictional character?

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