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Book Buying Advice - How to Find a Book

How do you find a book that will interest you? Here, you'll find pages of tips for how to find books, articles about books and literature, and much more. Read on.
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Book Search
If you're searching for books, this page offers you a free, easy-to-use solution! Explore the world of literature--one book search at a time.

Find a Book For a Beginning Reader
Here's some information on children's books for beginning readers that will help you find a book that's at the correct reading level for your child.

Literature in Time - Selected Reading List
Here's a literature reading list, which includes some of the greatest classics of all time. Read on.

What to Read
If you're wondering what great classics you should read, here are some books that will help. These books list hundreds of works from Homer through Edgar Allan Poe and Gustave Flaubert to Virginia Woolf and Franz Kafka.

How do you determine what to read next?

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