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Book Price Guides


How much is your book worth? Is there a book you want to purchase, but you don't know the value of the book? These price guides should pave the way for you to better understand what books to buy, when to sell, and how much those books are worth. Read more from these book price guides.

1. Official Price Guide To Collecting Books

Official Price Guide to Collecting Books
Marie Tedford and Pat Goudey offer a collector's guide to the world of books, with the values for thousands of titles. From Random House: "This book contains valuable tips on buying, selling, and preserving your books, as well as a complete glossary of book-collecting terms."
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2. Huxford's Old Book Value Guide

Huxford's Old Book Value Guide
Bob Huxford's well-known price guide features some 25,000 listings of old books--the scores of buyers are listed by the type of book wanted, and much more.

3. Collected Books: The Guide to Values

Allen Ahearn and Patricia Ahearn offer listings for more than 20,000 first editions, along with resources related to how to identify first editions, and specialized details for early printed books and literature.
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4. Antique Trader Book Collector's Price Guide

Organized in 13 categories, including Americana, banned, paranormal and mystery, this guide discusses identifying and grading books, and provides collectors with details for identifying and assessing books in 8,000 listings.
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