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Book Stands and Book Rests


Whether you're studying for a class, reading a heavy textbook, writing a paper, or reading for pleasure, bookstands and book rests perfect tools to prop up your books and hold your place. You can also prop up your notes as you review for a test, or prepare to write a paper. Take a look.

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1. Peeramid

Peeramid - BookRest
The Great Pyramid has inspired everything from toys and jewelry to clocks and figurines. But, for book-lovers, this latest addition is much more fun (and useful). It's the Peeramid BookRest, with a fabric exterior and colorful designs, which make it perfect for reading anywhere.

2. Thai Book Rest

The Thai Book Rest is a fabric bookstand that weighs one pound, packed with cotton kapok, a high-quality fiber.

3. Book Hug Book Holder

The Book Hug Book Holder holds hardcovers and paperbacks up to 1½ inches thick with its single curve of steel.

4. PhiferReader

The adjustable PhiferReader holds books and magazines of all sizes and thicknesses. PhiferReader is made of lightweight plastic, so you can read at the park, on the treadmill, in bed, at the beach, and just about anywhere.

5. Dovetale Bookstand

The Dovetale Bookstand is made of solid alder pieces that fold down to 1-1/2". Designed for Levenger, this bookstand expands to 3-1/2".
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