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Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

Brave New World was written by Aldous Huxley in 1932. Even though the book is now considered a Utopian classic, critics found only a week plot and characterization when the work was first published. One reviewer even said, "Nothing can bring it alive."
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'Brave New World' Books
Aldous Huxley's Brave New World was published in 1932. This Utopian/dystopian future offers soma and other carnal pleasures, while manipulating the people into mind-numbing dependence. Read more about books related to Brave New World.

'Brave New World' Questions for Study and Discussion
Brave New World is one of the most controversial and best-known works of Aldous Huxley. In this dystopian novel, Huxley foretold technological advances in many facets of society--including test-tube babies, sleep learning, etc. The novel has been listed as one of the top English-language books of the 20th century. Here are a few questions for...

'Brave New World' Quotes
Brave New World is a novel by Aldous Huxley. This famous (and controversial) work deals with issues of technological advancements, sexuality, and individuality--in a dehumanizing society. Here are a few quotes from the novel.

'Brave New World' Review
In a futuristic society based on pleasure without moral repercussions, Aldous Huxley places a few oddball characters to stir up the plot. With eugenics at its core, this novel hearkens back to Shakespeare's The Tempest, where Miranda says, "O brave new world, that hath such people in it." Read more about Brave New World.

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Aldous Huxley Biography
Aldous Huxley was an English writer--well-known for his novel, Brave New World. He was a prolific writer, and his works delved into a multitude of genres: travel books, histories, poems, plays, and essays. Huxley is one of the greatest novelists of his time, and his famous dystopian novel is a standard text in high school and college classrooms.

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