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British Literature - Romantic Period

Some scholars point to the publication of "Lyrical Ballads," in 1798, as the start of the Romantic period, while others say the period started earlier (around 1785) with Blake's "Songs of Innocence" and other works by Charles Lamb, Jane Austen, and Sir Walter Scott.
  1. Wordsworth, William

Learn about the Romantic Period - British
"The categories which it has become customary to use in distinguishing and classifying 'movements' in literature or philosophy and in describing the nature of the significant transitions which have taken place in taste and in opinion, are far too rough, crude, undiscriminating -- and none of them so hopelessly as the category 'Romantic.' -...

Romantic Circles
A dense, useful, scholarly resource specific to study of Byron, the Shelleys, Keats, and their milieu.

Romantic Period - Where Did It All Begin?
Many scholars say that the Romantic period began with the publication of "Lyrical Ballads" by William Wordsworth and Samuel Coleridge in 1798. The volume contained some of the best-known works from these two poets including Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and Wordsworth's "Lines Written a Few Miles from Tintern Abbey."

Romantic Period Poetry - British Literature
In the Romantic period in British literature, poets like Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, and Keats reflected the revolution and creative spirit of the age. Read poetry from the Romantic period.

Jane Austen's Mansfield Park (1814)
A brief summary and review for Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

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