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Cavalier poets

The Cavalier poets were writers, who were loyal to Charles I (1625–49). These poets included: George Wither, Thomas Carew, Sir John Suckling, Richard Lovelace, Edmund Waller, and Robert Herrick.
  1. Lovelace, Richard
  2. Suckling, John

Books About the Cavalier Poets
The Cavalier Poets include: Thomas Carew, Sir John Suckling, Richard Lovelace, Lord Herbert, Aurelian Townshend, William Cartwrights, Thomas Randolph, William Habington, Sir Richard Fanshawe, Edmund Waller, and the Marquis of Montrose. The poets were characterized by direct language. Read more about the Cavalier poets, and read some of the works of the group.

Cavalier Lyrists
By F. W. MOORMAN, B.A. (Lond.), Ph.D. (Strassburg), Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature in the University of Leeds.

Notes on the 17th Century
"'Cavalier' implies more than just 'Royalist' (the official term for the troops and forces of the King, and later those who wanted to restore the monarchy). It implies, for instance, a particular class of man: Courtly, well-educated, genteel. In many ways, these are the cultural heirs of Sir Philip Sydney, moving in something like the same circles.

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