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Archetypes & Character Types

A character is a person portrayed in an artistic manner in a novel, poem, or other work. The person may personify a particular role, which may be archetypal or symbolic in nature--with physical or psychological features.
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Books About Characters in Literature: A-to-Z References
These books are great quick-reference guides to finding some of the most famous characters in literary history. Find the characters from Chaucer, Hemingway, Shakespeare, and beyond. Along the way, these books also offer biographical information about the writer, with background about the time and place in which these characters were created....

Books About Famous Fictional Heroines
In exploring the world of literature, these heroines come immediately to mind: Edna Pontellier, Madame Bovary, Moll Flanders, Anna Karenin, Lily Bart, Jane Eyre, Hester Prynne, Elizabeth Bennet, Daisy Miller, and Murasaki Shikibu. These novels feature just a few of the many...

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