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'A Christmas Carol' Book Club Discussions

What are your thoughts on the famous Dickens classic?


A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol is that famous book by Charles Dickens. The work is particularly famous during the holiday season, but it offers universal themes that could last us the whole year through. Here are discussions related to A Christmas Carol.

Topics of Discussion: A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens
  • Title
    What do you think about the title--A Christmas Carol?
  • Reading Poll
    What did you think of A Christmas Carol?
  • Compare
    How does this book compare to other works by Charles Dickens? Have you read any of the other writings by Dickens?
  • Repeat
    If you've read A Christmas Carol before, is this time around any different from your previous read(s)?
  • Setting
    How essential is the setting to A Christmas Carol? Could the events have taken place anywhere else?
  • Conflict
    What are the conflicts in A Christmas Carol? What types of conflict do you see? Are they physical, moral, intellectual, or emotional?
  • Themes
    In A Christmas Carol, what themes stand out? How? Why?
  • Holidays?
    Why is A Christmas Carol such a holiday favorite? Do you think we should read the book at other times of the year?
  • Characters Poll?
    Which of the characters from A Christmas Carol is your favorite?
  • Scrooge
    In A Christmas Carol, how well developed is Scrooge as a character? Does he grow as a human being? Do you think he really changes?
  • Scrooge Poll?
    What do you think about Scrooge?

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