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Literary Christmas Ornaments - Decorations Related to Books

Put a Little More Character Into Your Holiday Displays!


I love to hang the ornaments on my Christmas tree. Those little figures flash and glitter when you hang them in just the right spot--they help to add splendor and character to the whole scene. On my tree, every ornament says something about where I've been, and a little of who I am. When you study them collectively, you can read the adorned tree as you would a book of my life--tiny books, characters from novels and ALL. What does your tree say about you (and your reading adventures)?

1. Dr Seuss Ornaments

Dept 56 Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat - 4 piece Ornament Set
Dr. Seuss, Yankee Toy Box LLC
The books by Dr. Seuss are filled with quirky characters and the most marvelously splendorous language! If you've loved (and read) Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas--why not make Dr. Seuss a BIG part of your holiday celebration. The characters make great additions to any Christmas tree or other display!

2. 'Wizard of Oz' Ornaments

Kurt Adler
What would you do if you were swept up in a tornado and deposited in a strange and mysterious land? It's a place of flying monkeys, witches, animals that talk, and all manner of other inhabitants. That famous tale of fantasy and adventure is a favorite for readers of all ages. And, many of us find ourselves reading, watching or (at least) remembering The Wizard of Oz on at a regular interval. Ornaments from The Wizard of Oz are also a perfect addition to any Christmas tree or holiday decoration/display.

3. Charles Dickens (A Christmas Carol) Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments, representing 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens
Kurt Adler
Charles Dickens created some of the most memorable stories about Christmas: These ornaments help us set the scene for the many classics by Charles Dickens, and they are a quintessential part of any bookish Christmas!

4. Santa Claus Ornaments

8" Red Cape Hanging Santa Claus Ornament W/Gift
Christmas Ornament
Santa Claus is one of the most prominent figures in holiday literature (of course). Many of us have grown up on the infamous stories and poems:

5. Quote Ornaments

Merry Christmas Memorial Ornament - Helen Keller Remembrance Quote
The Comfort Company
We are drawn to famous quotes by our greatest novelists, poets, essayists, and playwrights--those famous lines are snapshots of the great works of literature (representative of words that change us). I hope you have a collection of quotes that mean a great deal to you. Perhaps you will even find one (or more) of your favorite lines among these ornaments that feature famous quotes from literature! Take a look...

6. 'Gone with the Wind' Ornaments

Scarlett O'Hara Gone With The Wind 2010 Hallmark Ornament
Hallmark Keepsake
Gone with the Wind was a bestseller when it was published; and the novel has remained a consistent (and controversial) favorite for fans of all ages. By parts, the book is a love story, war-torn drama/tragedy, and an exploration of hard times (adventure). These ornaments are perfect for anyone who loves the novel, the movie, or for those who find hope in the prospect of overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds.

7. Miniature Books

The Mini Five Minute Mysteries (Running Press Miniatures)
Ken Weber, Running Press Miniatures
If you're a huge fan of books, these miniature books are a great idea for your holiday decorations. Place the volumes on your Christmas tree; add it to your centerpiece or holiday display; or give it away (make it a gift-bag goodie, party favor, or stocking stuffer). These tiny books are great for just about any purpose! Best of all, you can toss a few in your bag--browse the pages in spare moments during your holiday travels.

8. 'Twas The Night Before Christmas Ornaments

'Twas the Night Before Christmas Boxed Ornament Set
Have you heard Santa Claus on the roof, or seen his flying reindeer? Of course, "Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse..." How do you imagine the night before Christmas? And, how have you integrated the famous poem into your holiday celebrations?
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9. Authors & More

Rick London Famous Wisdom Quote Gifts Virginia Woolf - Virginia Woolf Seasons Of Love - Ornaments
Londons Times
If you're a book geek, bibliophile, or avid reader of any type, you'll likely want to add a few of your favorite authors to your Christmas tree. For most specialized authors, we have seek out the ornaments (or other memorabilia)--sometimes without much luck, unless you happen to find a specialty shop that carries your favorites... Here, you'll find Victor Hugo, Charles Darwin and many more!

10. Custom-Made Ornaments

Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Snowflake Picture frame, 3.12" Diameter
Reed & Barton
When you can't find ornaments or memorabilia for your favorite author, novel or literary quotation, what can you do? Why... create a custom one (of course)!

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