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'A Doll's House' Questions for Study and Discussion


A Doll's House is one of the most famous works by Henrik Ibsen. Here are a few questions for study and discussion.
  • What is important about the title?

  • What are the conflicts in A Doll's House? What types of conflict (physical, moral, intellectual, or emotional) did you notice in this novel?

  • How does Henrik Ibsen reveal character in A Doll's House?

  • What are some themes in the play? How do they relate to the plot and characters?

  • What are some symbols in A Doll's House? How do they relate to the plot and characters?

  • Is Nora consistent in her actions? Is she a fully developed character? How? Why?

  • Do you find the characters likable? Are the characters persons you would want to meet?

  • Does the play end the way you expected? How? Why?

  • What is the central/primary purpose? Is the purpose important or meaningful?

  • Why is the novel considered a work of feminist literature?

  • How essential is the setting? Could the play have taken place anywhere else?

  • Would you recommend this play to a friend?

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