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Studies of Suicide in Literature


Some of the world's greatest writers have written about suicide in their novels, plays, and/or poems; but what does suicide mean in literature? How does it affect the characters, the plot, the conflicts, and the eventual conclusion? With these novels, you'll discover studies of suicide in literature.

1. Groaning Tears: Ethical and Dramatic Aspects of Suicide in Greek Tragedy

by Elise P. Garrison. Brill Academic Publishers. From the publisher: "Groaning Tears examines suicide in Greek tragedy in the light of the fifth-century ethical climate. No full-scale work has previously been devoted to this pervasive topic. The particular focus of identifying suicide as a response to the expectations of popular ethics and social demands makes it useful for scholars and students of drama, ethics and sociology."
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2. Fictional Death and the Modernist Enterprise

by Alan Warren Friedman. Cambridge University Press. From the publisher: "In 'Fictional Death and the Modernist Enterprise' Alan Friedman traces the semiotics of death and dying in twentieth-century fiction, history, and culture. He describes how modernist writers either, like Forster and Woolf, elided rituals of dying and death..."
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3. On Suicide: Great Writers on the Ultimate Question

by John Miller. Chronicle Books. This anthology features passages from Silvia Plath, a look at Gustave Flaubert's "Madame Bovary," and many other selections, with commentary by William Styron.
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