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William (Cuthbert) Faulkner Profile


William Faulkner: A Critical Study

William Faulkner: A Critical Study

Ivan R. Dee, Publisher
(1897-1962) American writer. William Faulkner is one of the most famous 20th-century American writers for novels and short stories about the American South. Faulkner was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1949, and he's known for works like "Sound and the Fury." Read more about William Faulkner.

William Faulkner Birth & Education:

William Cuthbert Faulkner was born on September 25th, 1897 in New Albany, Mississippi. His father was Murray Charles Faulkner and his mother was Maud (Butler) Faulkner. He lived most of his life in Oxford, Mississippi, where he attended Oxford High School, though he dropped out before graduating.

William Faulkner Death:

William Faulkner died on July 6, 1962 of a coronary occlusion. An obituary in The New York Times stated: "Mr. Faulkner's writings showed an obsession with murder, rape, incest, suicide, greed and general depravity that did not exist anywhere but in the author's mind."

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