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Feminist Theory & Women's Studies

This page provides information and resources related to Feminist Theory and Women's Stuides. This type of criticism can be broadly applied to literary studies.

Feminist criticism
What is feminist criticism? Why do we read and write feminist criticism? Read more about feminist criticism.

Feminist Literature - A Brief List
Here's a list of feminist literature in literary history.

Feminist Writers
Here's a list of Feminist writers in books and literature.

Academic Feminists and the Women's Movement
"This is not a sisterly essay. We believe the women's movement is in danger of co-option from the right, from small groups of women whose institutional affiliations give them disproportionate power within it. We believe academic women constitute one such group. We believe something must be done."

Types of Feminism Featured on this Web site: Cultural feminism, French Feminism, Liberal Feminism, Materialist FEminism, Psychoanalytic Feminism, and Radical Feminism...

Feminist Theory Web Site
Web site designed by Dr. Kristin Switala, to provide research materials and information for students, activists, and scholars interested in women's conditions and struggles around the world.

Radical Feminist Theory
A collection of the site owner's own theoretical writings. Author male, was womens's studies major.

What is Feminism (and why do we have to talk about it ...)
"Historically, thinking about gender happens in cultures where gender configurations--the social meaning systems that encode sexual difference--undergo changes or shifts."

Feminism Quotes

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