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Ferber, Edna

(1885-1968) American writer. Edna Ferber was a Pulitzer-Prize winning novelist, famous for books like "So Big," "Showboat" (1926), "Cimarron" (1929), "Giant" (1952) and "Ice Palace" (1958).

Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin
Sexy, jazzy, and more than just a little bit troubled--women like Edna St. Vincent Millay, Dorthy Parker, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Edna Ferber made their marks on the world of literature in the 1920's.

Edna Ferber Quiz
Edna Ferber was an award-winning novelist and writer. Her works have been made into movies, and her plays were also well-received. Test your knowledge about Edna Ferber.

Edna Ferber Quotations
Ferber once wrote, "A closed mind is a dying mind." Read more quotes from Edna Ferber.

Profile: Edna Ferber
(1885-1968) American writer. Edna Ferber has been called "the greatest novelist of her day." She won the Pulitzer Prize in 1924 for "So Big," and she's also known for "Showboat" (1926), "Cimarron" (1929), "Giant" (1952), and "Ice Palace" (1958). Read more about the life and works of Edna Ferber.

Top 10 Books By Edna Ferber
Edna Ferber is famous for books like: "So Big," "Show Boat," "Cimarron," and "Giant." Ferber received the Pulitzer Prize in 1924. Read her top books.

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