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A-to-Z Writers

Read about writers from around the world, with an A-to-Z listings, listings by countries, and more. Also find profiles and biographies for poets, novelists, essayists, and other writers in literary history.
  1. Authors - Poets - Novelists - Essayists - Writers - Dramatists (A-to-Z) (2719)
  2. Biographies (57)
  3. By Country / Language - Writers (320)
  4. By Genre - Writers (96)
  5. By Time - Writers (220)
  6. Women Writers (73)

A-to-Z - Authors, Titles & Topics A-to-Z
For a complete index of pages on the Classic Literature site, take a look at this A-to-Z Literature page. You'll find topics ranging from American and British Literature to War Literature, World Literature and Writing a Literature Paper.

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