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- Basics + Books 101 + Defining Literature

If you're not accustomed to reading or writing about literature, here's a good place to start. Find out more about what literature is, why it's so important, and how you can make it relevant to your life... Read more about it!
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A History of English Literature: How to Study
Read "A History of English Literature," by Robert Huntington Fletcher. This work includes "How To Study And Judge Literature," "A Tabular View Of English Literature," a discussion of periods in English literature, and more.

A Note to An English Major: In Pursuit of a Degree
What do you say when someone asks you why you're an English major? You may have taken up the major simply because you love to read. What will you do with the degree?

A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature
John Cousin writes, "The primary aim of this book is to give as much information about English authors, including under this designation American and Colonial writers, as the prescribed limits will admit of." Read more from "A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature."

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp - The Blue Fairy Book - Andrew Lang
Here's Andrew Lang's version of the Aladdin story.

Be Like A Kid -- And READ!
What does it mean to "be a kid... and read"? Allow yourself to become buried in a book. Believe in the impossible (suspend disbelief). Read what you love...

Bhagavad Gita - Angels of the Bhagavad Gita
How does the Bhagavad Gita describe angels? Find out here!

Book Bags: Backpack, Shoulder Bags & Carrying Cases
Books bags offer the space and comfort, so you can carry the books you're reading--along with pens, highlighters, bookmarks, book flags, journals, and notebooks. Find book bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, and carrying cases. Take your books wherever you go: to school, work, a cafe, on the beach, to the library, at the park, or on a hike.

Book Journals
Journals are a great way to track what you read, and record what your impressions. Some of these journals also offer prompts and questions related to your reading experience. Enjoy your reading experience even more by writing about it! You'll also have great ideas and specific examples for essays, reports, studying, or just for your own personal enjoyment. Remember what you read!

Book Lights
Book lights are essential for every book lover. These lights are perfect for reading while you're on the road, reading in bed, or just enjoying your individual reading in the dark. Here's are top picks for book lights.

Book Review - Bhagavad Gita on Effective Leadership
Author Pujan Roka has used his leadership experience and the ancient teachings of the Bhagavad Gita to create an interesting and original book.

Book Search
If you're searching for books, this page offers you a free, easy-to-use solution! Explore the world of literature--one book search at a time.

Book Stands and Book Rests
Whether you're studying for a class, reading a heavy textbook, writing a paper, or reading for pleasure, bookstands and book rests perfect tools to prop up your books and hold your place. You can also prop up your notes as you review for a test, or prepare to write a paper. Take a look.

Books Made Into Movies
Great classics like Tolkien s Lord of the Rings and Homer s Iliad have been made into movies. Of course, it s nothing new. Over the years, many fantastic movies have been based on literary classics: Mark Twain s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Edith Wharton s House of Mirth, Louisa May Alcott s Little Women, Charlotte Bronte s Jane Eyre, Victor...

How do I manage my reading load?
How do you manage your reading load? Read more here...

How to Become a Critical Reader
Whether you are reading for pleasure or academia, it's important to understand basic structural and content elements about the text you are studying. These questions and idea generators should help you to become a more critical reader. Understand and retain what you read! Read on.

How to Evaluate Sources
Sources offer important credibility to your paper about literature, but what if the source isn't trustworthy? These few steps will give you some ideas about how to make sure your sources give your paper a level of credibility.

How to Find Pleasure in Reading
Imagine yourself walking along a deserted seashore, hiking to the top of mountains, sleeping in a field of flowers, finding love, or chasing after an elusive criminal mind. Works of literature--novels, short stories, poems, and plays--are filled with these many moments. As you read through the pages, discover the pleasure of reading--enjoyment that can last a lifetime.

How to Keep a Reading Log
A reading log is a great place to react to what you read. You can find out exactly how you feel about the characters; you may gain insight about the theme and plot; and you can expand your overall enjoyment of the literature.

How to Succeed in Your Literature Class
Whether you're taking an English class in high school or registered for a literature class in college, learn steps you can take to succeed in your literature class. Listening, reading, and being prepared for your class can make a dramatic difference in how you understand the books, poetry, and stories for your class. Read more about how to succeed in your literature class.

How to Tell a Book By Its Cover
What can you learn from the book cover? Here are a few tips...

How to Write a Literary Book Review
If you plan to study literature, there is a good chance that you will be asked to write a literary book review in one of your classes. A book review is not simply a plot summary or an unsupported opinion of how well the reader did or did not like the book. A book review includes information about the key elements of the book (plot, character, setting, theme, etc.) and the reviewer's opinion of how well the author has succeeded in using those elements to write an effective story. Read on.

Introductions to Literature
If you're just starting out in your exploration of literature, you may want to read books that give you a general background of what literature means, with an explanation of how you can evaluate the value of a work.

Literature in Time - Selected Reading List
Read what happened in Literature.

Magnifiers: See What You Read
Magnifiers are essential resources for every reader, no matter what your age. With just a simple device, you can spare your eyes the discomfort and strain of squinting to see that small print on the page. When you're studying textbooks and literary classics all day and all night, even the best eyes could use assistance. Here, you'll find a few magnifiers that should help you read.

Page Markers: Flags, Arrows & Post-its
Page markers are essential tools for every reader. Flag your favorite quotes; mark memorable passages; and highlight confusing episodes in the story, so you can come back to re-read them later. Whether you're studying a book for a literature class, or reading the book for your own personal pleasure, use these page markers to get the most out of your literary experience.

PDAs for Ebook Reading
With the latest technology, it's becoming easier and more cost-effective to download and read classic novels, stories, poems and other works of literature on a PDA (personal digital assistant). That's why a PDA is the perfect gift for the reader in your life. Or, you may want to drop hints, so you can find a PDA in your Christmas stocking. Here are a few top PDAs for reading ebooks and etext. Read on.

Peeramid BookRest
The Great Pyramid has inspired everything from toys and jewelry to clocks and figurines. But, for book-lovers, this latest addition is much more fun (and useful). It's the Peeramid BookRest, with a fabric exterior and colorful designs, which make it perfect for reading anywhere. Read on.

Reading Glasses
Even if you have great eyesight now, you may find yourself squinting after hours of studying or reading small print. Reading glasses allow you to read books more easily--whether you're just tired, reading small print, or really feeling the normal side-effects of spending many years with your nose buried in a book. Here are a few reading glasses. Buy a pair for yourself, or give the gift of reading glasses. Read on!

Reasons to Love (and Hate) the Movie Adaptation
Many of the greatest classic novels have been adapted to the big screen--there are lots of reasons to love (and hate) the film version of the book. Here are a few of the top reasons!

Reasons to Read
Reading is one of the most enjoyable activities in life, but you may not have discovered the right reason to pick up that volume and plow through the thick or thin. So, here area a few words of encouragement--in the form of reasons you should read. Of course, there are many more reasons than this... If you'd like to contribute more reasons,...

What to Read
If you're wondering what great classics you should read, here are some books that will help. These books list hundreds of works from Homer through Edgar Allan Poe and Gustave Flaubert to Virginia Woolf and Franz Kafka.

Why Take Notes?
Taking notes is a great way of helping you identify important concepts in class. Even if you have a great memory, you won't be able to remember everything that the teacher says, unless you have a permanent written record for your reference.

What Happens in Literature
In What Happens in Literature, Edward W. Rosenheim offers a brief discussion of the basics of literature, including poems, novels and plays.

When Do You Know It's Time To Get HELP With Reading?

The Purpose of Reading

Find out more about what literature is, why books are so important, and how you can make it relevant to your life... Read more about it!

What factors do you consider when you are selecting a book? Where do you turn when you want to talk with other readers about books? Why not start a book club? Or, find out what book clubs are already going online or in your local area. Perhaps you're already in a literature class, and you're just looking for ideas and direction. Find answers to your questions; and discover the wonderful world of book collecting!

How do I enjoy reading when I'm a student--with a required reading list?
When you're a student, it's often difficult to find the time (and the desire) to read, particularly when you know that you have a long list of books that you should (or could) be reading.

Books About Literary Forgery
Literary classics haven't just been created... they've also been forged. Read about some of the most famous literary forgeries.

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