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Read Like a Kid


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Read Like a Kid
Reading a Book in a Field

Reading a Book in a Field


What was it like to read when you were a kid? Did you eagerly anticipate finding out what would happen in the next chapter, or how the story would end? Did time seem to slip away as you devoured a book? As we get older, we sometimes seem to lose sight of what it was like to read a book--with wild abandon and passionate excitement!

Yes, kids have a lot to learn from adults--as far as reading and understanding literature. But, there's something very basic about the reading experience that we sometimes seem to lose as we get older. In a very real sense, we older (or adult) readers have a LOT to learn from young readers.

Read For A Life-Time

If we can tap back into that innocent excitement and anticipation, we (older readers) will hopefully read more. And, when the younger readers see the continued enjoyment in reading, we will begin to perpetuate a lifelong love of reading.

Please note: I'm not saying that all older readers have completely lost that gleeful anticipation with the reading process. (I know that many of us would gladly spend all of our time reading--if responsibilities and all of life's other demands didn't get into our way, and prevent our greatest pleasure--reading.) I firmly believe that we can all learn something from watching the rapt attention on a child's face, while listening to a good story. We can all learn to enjoy books and literature more!

Here are a few tips to get back that long-lost passion for reading and books!

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