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Find out more about what literature is, why books are so important, and how you can make it relevant to your life... Read more about it!
  1. What is Literature? What is a classic?
  2. Book Collecting & Care
  3. Genres, Themes and Topics
  4. Literary History
  5. Literary Calendar - Days & Months

What is Literature? What is a classic?

Book Condition

What is literature? What is a classic? Why is literature important? Read more about books, reading, and literature.

Book Collecting & Care


Here's a collection of resources related to book collecting. Discover how to identify a first edition, how to protect your books, how to build your library, how to know what your book is worth, and how to live with books. Discover the world of book collecting at your fingertips.

Genres, Themes and Topics


If you're looking for a book about death, love, or other themes, read through the listings here! Also, find books by genre: mystery, biography, nature books, novels, short stories, and much more!

Literary History

Gutenberg Printing Press

Explore the history of literature, from around the world and through the ages. Discover details about periods and movements, and find timelines and chronologies.

Literary Calendar - Days & Months


In literature, holidays are especially important: times of celebration and remembrance. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine's Day--they are times of coming together, and of reliving memories of other days. We think of those precious moments in and with literature. Celebrate the important days, whether they be holidays or any of the other days in our literary experience. Take time to remember!

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