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Literacy Campaigns


Literacy campaigns are organized efforts that have taken place around the world to encourage the reading and understanding of literature. But, why is the ability to read and write so important, and why is illiteracy such a difficult obstacle to overcome in communities across the US, and elsewhere? Discover the history of literacy campaigns. Why is illiteracy still such a problem, when we've been working toward solutions for so many years? Read on.

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1. National Literacy Campaigns: Historical and Comparative Perspectives

by Robert F. Arnove (Editor), and H. J. Graff. Kluwer Academic Publishers. "National Literacy Campaigns" offers a general history of literacy since classical antiquity, with a discussion of the influences of literacy on the modern world.
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2. Literacy across Languages and Cultures

by Bernardo M. Ferdman (Editor), Arnulfo G. Ramirez (Editor), and Rose-Marie Weber (Editor). State University of New York Press. In heterogeneous societies, the issue of literacy becomes even more complex. Form the publisher: "The focus of the book is on the social and cultural contexts in which literacy develops and is enacted, with an emphasis on the North American situation."
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3. Paradigms of Learning: The Total Literacy Campaign in India

by Malavika Karlekar (Editor). SAGE Publications. "Paradigms of Learning" offers an analysis of the literacy situation in India, along with a discussion of the strategies employed by the Total Literacy Campaign (TLC).
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4. Literacy in Theory and Practice

by Brian V. Street, Peter Burke (Editor), and Ruth Finnegan (Editor). Cambridge University Press. From the publisher: "Offers a detailed examination of theories about literacy developed by different academic disciplines and proposes an ideological model of literacy."
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5. Scottish Literacy and the Scottish Identity

by R. A. Houston, Richard Smith (Editor), and Jan de Vries (Editor). Cambridge University Press. From the publisher: "It combines extensive statistical analysis with qualitative and theoretical discussion to produce an important argument about the significance of literacy and education for the individual and society of relevance not just to the Scottish experience but to a far broader social and geographical area."
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