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Top 3 Robert Frost Books


Robert Frost was one of the greatest American poets of the 20th century. His works were repeatedly awarded Pulitzer Prizes, and he spoke at the inaugeration of President John F. Kennedy. Read more about the life and works of Robert Frost.

1. Robert Frost: A Life

by Jay Parini. Henry Holt & Company. Drawing from interviews, the Dartmouth archive and a myriad of other resources, Jay Parini follows the course of Robert Frost's life--his early years, college, farming, friendships, and beyond. Along the trail of discover, Parini remarks on Robert Frost's poetry.
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2. Frost: A Literary Life Reconsidered

by William H. Pritchard. University of Massachusetts Press. William Pritchard delves into the poetry, letters, notebooks, recorded interviews, and public appearances of Robert Frost to present a unique perspective on this great American poet.
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3. Robert Frost's New England

by Betsy Melvin and Tom Melvin. University Press of New England. Inspired by Robert Frost's life and works, this book presents the New England landscape--paired with lines from the works of Robert Frost. The presentation is unforgettable, offering a very different view into the vision of Robert Frost.
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