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A hero is usually recognized in a work of literature as someone with great courage and strength (although that's not always the case). The hero may risk or sacrifice his or her life for the greater good. Read about heros in literature.
  1. King Arthur
  2. Sherlock Holmes

Heroes in Literature
In mythology, the hero may be from divine ancestry. In literature, a hero is courageous. A hero, or protagonist, is the principal character of a story, who may be known for special achievements. Read more about heroes in literature.

Fictional Heroes We LOVE - Have You Fallen For One of These Famous Characters?
Have you fallen for that man who lives in a book on your shelf? Have you ever dreamed of an impossible affair with one of the greatest heroes in literary history? Really, why do women fall in love with fictional characters? Is it healthy for women (both young and old) to swoon and pine for men (and boys) who are drawn from the pages of their...

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