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Top 10 Homer - Books About Homer


Homer's background is something of a mystery. Scholars debate his very existence, as they study the inconsistencies in the writing of the Iliad and Odyssey. Read more about the life and works of Homer.

1. An Introduction to Homer

by William Anthony Camps. Oxford University Press. From the publisher: "This is a book for all readers of Homer, whether in translation or in the original. It attempts to characterize the poetic art of the Iliad and the Odyssey and to analyse in a simple way the reasons for its effectiveness."
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2. The Cambridge Companion to Homer

by by Robert Fowler (Editor). From the publisher: "The Cambridge Companion to Homer is a guide to the essential aspects of Homeric criticism and scholarship, including the reception of the poems in ancient and modern times. Written by an international team of scholars, it is intended to be the first port of call for students at all levels, with introductions to important subjects and suggestions for further exploration."
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3. Homer and the Epic

by G. S. Kirk. Cambridge University Press. From the publisher: "This is a shortened and rearranged version of The Songs of Homer, Professor Kirk's vivid and comprehensive account of the background and development of the Homeric poems and of their quality as literature... Almost all the Greek is translated, and the new version can be more easily used by those who are primarily interested in classics in translation, comparative literature, oral poetry, or the epic in general."
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4. Homer

by Ian McAuslan (Editor). Oxford University Press. From the publisher: "This volume contains 16 articles covering Homeric studies, published in the journal Greece and Rome Studies during the last 25 years. The contributors include some of the best-known scholars in the field. Social values, archaeology, translation, survivals, and, beyond all else, literary quality and compositional technique form the major topics under review."
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5. Inventing Homer

by Barbara Graziosi. Cambridge University Press. From the publisher: "How was the poet Homer imagined by ancient Greeks? This book examines stories circulating between the sixth and fourth centuries BC about his birth, place of origin and name; the circumstances of his life--such as the story of his blindness--his relation to other poets, and his heirs."
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6. Homer

by P. V. Jones. Oxford University Press. From the publisher: "This book offers translations of ten influential articles and extracts on Homer by such prestigious German scholars as Wolfgang Schadewaldt, Karl Reinhardt, and Hermann Fraenkel. Ranging through such topics as similes, the adventures of Odysseus, Homeric-period social life, these key works will open entirely new perspectives for teachers and scholars in the English-speaking world."
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7. Homer on Life and Death

by Jasper Griffin. Oxford University Press. From the publisher: "This book demomstrates how Homeric poetry manages to confer significance on persons and actions, interpreting the world and the lives of the people who inhabit it. Taking central themes like characterization, death, and the gods, the author argues that current ideas of the limitations of 'oral poetry' are unreal, and that Homer embodies a view of the world both unique and profound."
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8. Homer: Poet of the Iliad

by Mark W. Edwards. Johns Hopkins University Press. From the publisher: "Combining the advantages of a general introduction and a detailed commentary, this book makes the insights of recent Homeric scholarship accessible even to a nonspecialist audience. He provides both a current account of the principles and techniques of Greek epic poetry and a scene-by-scene explication of the major books of the Iliad."
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9. Homeric Hymns, Homeric Apocrypha, Lives of Homer

by Martin West (Editor). Harvard University Press. From the publisher: "This new Loeb Classical Library volume contains, in addition to the Hymns, fragments of five comic poems that were connected with Homer's name in or just after the Classical period (but are not today believed to be by the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey). Here too is a collection of ancient accounts of the poet's life."
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10. Homer: The Poetry of the Past

by Andrew Ford. Cornell University Press. From the publisher: "Ford here addresses the perennial questions of what poetry is, how it came to be, and what it is for, focusing on the critical moment in Western literature when the heroic tales of the Greek oral tradition began to be preserved in writing."
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