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In Memoriam - Alfred Lord Tennyson

In 1833, Alfred Lord Tennyson's closest friend died. He was Arthur Hallam, fiance to Tennyson's sister. "In Memoriam"(1850) is an elegy written in honor of Hallam. It's made up of 133 poems--all written over a 17-year period.

Alfred Tennyson - Andrew Lang
"In May 1850 a few, copies of 'In Memoriam' were printed for friends, and presently the poem was published without author's name. The pieces had been composed at intervals, from 1833 onwards."

In Memoriam
Literature is sometimes the most constant reminder that there is some humanity in life... that there are words that can be said about tragedy, death, loss, and despair.

English 315 Victorian Literature: Tennyson's In Memoriam
Read this excerpt from the syllabus/lesson plan. "We will consider how this poem differs from the earlier lyrics, particularly “Ulysses.” What are the significant differences between the speaker of IM and Ulysses?"

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