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July 4th in Literature

On July 4, 1776, the Declaration was accepted by the Continental Congress. We call the fourth of July Independence Day. Read more about July 4th, Freedom, and Independence in literature.
  1. Patriotic / Heroic - Theme

America - Walt Whitman
Read America, by Walt Whitman.

Books About Freedom and Liberty
Freedom is defined as "the condition of being free from restraints," at liberty from slavery or oppression. Men and women have given their lives in the pursuit of freedom; and revolutionary writers often lead the charge. Read more about their lives and works.

Books by Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine was a pamphleteer and writer. He's famous for "Common Sense" (1776), "The Crisis" (1776-1777), "The Rights of Man" (1791-1792), and "Age of Reason" (1794-1796). He was an important figure in the American Revolutionary War.

Celebrate Independence -- With Words
It's all about history: our past, present, and looking forward to our future -- with words. And it's all about those men who sat down to write the Declaration of Independence years ago...

Celebrate Independence -- With Words
Drafted by Thomas Jefferson between June 11th and June 28th of 1776, the Declaration of Independence is probably America's most cherished literary symbol.

Children's Books that Celebrate America - July Fourth
Celebrate being an American on the Fourth of July, Constitution Day, Citizenship Day, and other special days, but don't stop there. Celebrate year-round with children's books for younger kids to kids in middle school.

Founding Fathers' Literature
Men like Ben Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson came from different backgrounds and experiences. They came together to found a new nation, based on the principles of liberty and justice. Read on.

Revolutionary Period - A Student's History of American Literature
Read more about the Revolutionary Period, in A Student's History of American Literature.

The American Revolution: Writings from the War of Independence
The American Revolution was not the first war where people of a land were striving for independence, and it will not be the last; but it does mark a significant turning point in the literature of this land.

The Declaration of Independence
Read "The Declaration of Independence."

July Stories and Poems
July is a time of independence. It's summertime, and you may be enjoying beach reaching, camping, and vacation fun. July is also featured in poems and stories. Here are a few works of literature, in celebration of independence, freedom and July!

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