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Kafka, Franz

(1833-1924) Czech writer. Franz Kafka is considered one of the most significant figures in modern world literature; the term Kafkaesque has come to be applied commonly to grotesque, anxiety-producing social conditions or their treatment in literature. He's known for the "Metamorphosis," along with other short stories and novels.

Franz Kafka Biography
Franz Kafka is one of the most famous modernist writers. His life was filled with turmoil, darkness and loss. And, his works grew out of that very tempestuous past. What do you know about the life and works of Franz Kafka? Yes, he wrote about a giant bug, but he created so much more. Here's a bit about his life...

Franz Kafka Love Letter
Franz Kafka is a famous writer, known for works like Metamorphosis, his famous buggy tale (variously interpreted as a beetle or cockroach). He was not well known during his lifetime, but some of his works (and letters) have survived. Here's a love letter by Franz Kafka.

Franz Kafka Quotes
He's famous for writing about a man who turns into a bug, and also a man who starves himself to death for his art. The works of Franz Kafka explore alienation, isolation and existentialist angst. Here are a few quotes.

Franz Kafka Statue - Prague
This bronze statue was unveiled in December 2003. It stands next to the Spanish Synagogue in Prague's Jewish Quarter.

What to Read
If you're wondering what great classics you should read, here are some books that will help. These books list hundreds of works from Homer through Edgar Allan Poe and Gustave Flaubert to Virginia Woolf and Franz Kafka.

Franz Kafka Article Collection
Here's a listing of articles related to Franz Kafka and his works.

Kafka Project
An effort to get more accurate Kafka texts on the Web.

'A Hunger Artist' Short Story - Franz Kafka
Crowds are drawn to the spectacles at freak shows or circuses. But, there's a reality associated with this story as well. As human beings, we see people hungry, but do nothing. There's also the biographical connection--Kafka may have actually starved to death at the very end of his life (with complications from the tuberculosis that ravaged his...

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