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Kidnapped - Robert Louis Stevenson

Kidnapped is a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. The book is a popular adventure story, but it's also a historical novel. Kidnapped appeared in installments of a magazine, Young Folks, in 1886.

Kidnapped Quotes
Kidnapped is a historical novel and adventure tale about David Balfour. The novel also relates to the Jabobite rebellion in Scotland. The story was first published in 1886. Henry James, Jorge Luis Borges and Seamus Heaney have all praised the novel. Here are a few quotes form the novel.

Kidnapped - Robert Louis Stevenson
Kidnapped is one of the popular adventure stories by Robert Louis Stevenson. Here, you'll find the complete text for this work of sea literature.

Kidnapped is more than a story about a young man’s search for his true birthright, however – Stevenson knew that more than that was needed to capture a young adult's attention for the length of an entire novel. Read more about this famous novel.

Robert Louis Stevenson Biography
(1850-1894) Scottish writer. Robert Louis Stevenson was born on November 13, 1850 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He became one of the most famous writers of the 19th century with works like The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886) and Treasure Island (1882). Read more about the life and works of Robert Louis Stevenson.

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